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  A New Storage Tier for Mainframe Tape Data Sets

CLOUDVTB will protect your physical/virtual tape data sets and dramatically reduce your cost by copying these files to less expensive Private/Public Cloud tiers: Private Cloud (NFS Server) and/ or Public Cloud. The volume of long term data that needs to be maintained keeps growing, so users need to be able to move the data to less costly storage tiers.

Cost Savings
Many data centers have thousands of tapes on older media that need to be kept for long periods of time to meet regulatory requirements. They are faced with three choices:

  • Copy these tapes to newer and higher-capacity tapes
  • Copy these tapes to a Virtual Tape Server(VTS), increasing the cost to retain the data on a new VTS and possibly also on a replicated system
  • Keep the old hardware indefinitely to access these files when required.
Solution: CLOUDVTB will copy these files to Private Cloud (NFS) and/or Public Cloud reducing your z/OS tape storage cost.

CLOUDVTB copies the data in a generic format that can be restored to any type of real or virtual z/OS tape you currently have or that you install in the future regardless of manufacturer or capacity.

Data Availability and Protection
Files created by CLOUDVTB can be maintained in multiple locations with a Cloud provider to maximize recoverability and to meet users’ Service Level Agreements (SLAs). If the original copy is corrupted because of a hardware failure, human error, or malicious intent, you may be left without valid data.

Customers with the following profile will benefit the most from CLOUDVTB:

  • Customer only has physical tape
  • Customer has a local VTS and physical tape
  • Customer with just one local VTS and no physical tape
  • Customer with a local VTS and a remote replicated VTS and the VTS is nearing capacity and would require an expensive upgrade or replacement.
  • Overall any z/OS data center will be able to implement another level of security of their data, in case of physical damage to their primary or DR site.

Since CLOUDVTB creates the tape copy in a generic format, you have the flexibility to restore it to the currently installed tape equipment and can eliminate the older hardware and the cost associated with managing it.

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