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Many proprietary applications (such as VisionPlus), as well as home-grown business applications and other programs running under z/OS, use the VSAM file structure for data storage.

As VSAM file usage and file sizes increase, this can affect the performance, availability, response times and throughput of your online system (e.g.  CICS), as well slow down job flow, lengthen run times and extend an already stretched batch window.

IAM is a transparent alternative to VSAM KSDS, AIX, ESDS and RRDS files. It relieves VSAM performance and bottleneck issues, and eases VSAM tuning problems. It can also shorten job elapsed times, by reducing I/Os and CPU consumption when compared to VSAM. IAM's Real Time Tuning mechanism monitors I/O activity, dynamically changing the number of data buffers and eliminating entirely the I/O to the index.

IAM’s optional data compression can significantly reduce disk space requirements and generally uses less CPU resources than VSAM and other software compression products. IAM does not require any modifications to the z/OS operating system and is designed to coexist with VSAM.

  • IAM reduces VSAM RUN TIME by 30 to 80%

  • IAM reduces VSAM EXCPs by 70 to 95%

  • IAM reduces VSAM CPU by 40 to 65%

With IAM, savings of this magnitude can be achieved in a very short space of time, allowing you to quickly and easily reduce the amount of time spent on VSAM-related capacity planning, batch tuning, and performance monitoring. Typically, IAM can be installed and operational in less than 1 hour.

Many of the popular application vendors make extensive use of VSAM files, and a large number of these files have been successfully converted from VSAM to IAM.

Sample Vendor Products
Some 3rd Party Vendor Packages which IAM customers have successfully converted from VSAM to IAM. Applications like Banking, Human Resources, Hospital, Report Distribution, Insurance, Payroll, Account Receivables and Payables, etc.

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