The Makers of FDR®


Open source technology has changed the evolution and direction of computing and Linux can be found at its foundation. LinuxONE is the latest to the party with an impressive array of hardware muscle and new open source software products. These systems are specialized scale-up enterprise servers that are designed exclusively to run Linux applications.

INNOVATION’s FDR/UPSTREAM data protection supports LinuxONE data and system protection and also offers a choice of storage servers.

Planning for full system and incremental backup capabilities is an integral part of the migration plan for many customers migrating workloads to Linux. UPSTREAM offers a reliable and comprehensive data protection solution.

FDR/UPSTREAM follows a client server architecture model. For Linux environments, the UPSTREAM client resides on a Linux guest, and the UPSTREAM storage server would reside on either z/OS, Linux (x86 or Linux on Z), AIX or Windows.

UPSTREAM is a Linux aware solution that provides file level backup and recovery for Linux guest systems as the UPSTREAM client is running in Linux and understands the file system.

It provides a flexible file selection criteria, and supports backups to disk, physical tape or virtual tape.

Bare Metal recovery support provides system level protection with UPSTREAM Rescuer for System Z Linux or Relax and Recover for x86 Linux.

And UPSTREAM LinuxONE provides all the UPSTREAM features and functions such as:

  • Synthetic Merge Backup with Logical File Granularity
  • Director and Web Portal Graphical User interfaces
  • Online Hot Database support
  • File and System level support
  • Easy, simple to use file syntax
  • Support for HiperSockets and high speed network adapters